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Policies and Procedures

The Army of Women has established operating policies and procedures that govern collection of biologic samples and their distribution to researchers as well as protection of volunteer identity:

  • The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation Scientific Advisory Committee will review all Army of Women projects before contacting volunteers.
  • All projects must meet all IRB requirements and be approved. Documentation of approvals must be received by the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation prior to contact with the Army of Women volunteers. Please refer to the IRB Approvals section for a detailed description of requirements
  • Army of Women biologic samples are derived from consented women who volunteer to be part of the Army of Women.
  • Army of Women volunteers who RSVP for a study will agree to have their contact information shared with the researcher for the sole purpose of screening and scheduling.
  • Researchers agree not to share volunteer contact information or biologic samples with third parties or use the samples for purposes other than those outlined in the protocol for which the Army of Women volunteer consented and the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation Scientific Advisory Committee approved.